Sushi Appetizer
Non-contact USA Infrared Thermometer LCD Temperature Gun Digital IR Forehead
  • Fever warning.
  • FDA approved, CE, RoHS ceritified.
Temperature gun
Yellowtail Jalapeno 12.99
Tuna Tataki 12.99
Sushi Appetizer 11.99
Sashimi Appetizer 13.99
Tuna Tartar 12.99
Pepper Tuna 14.99
Edamame 6.99

Images might not reflect actual foods.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Dishes can be made more or less spicy to suite your taste.
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Flavorful Glatt Kosher Chinese cuisine
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      <span style='font-size: 1.1em; color: #4B9000'>Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer</span>.<br /><br /> LCD Non-contact Temperature Gun Digital IR Temp Meter..